Holy Spirit Week

Two weeks ago we had Stefan Hugo, the base director of Ywam Worcester, South Africa speak in regards to the Holy Spirit. All of us were extreamely anxious to start the week because we had heard stories from the past DTS's on the crazy things that happened when the overwhelming presence of God came into the room.

The first day we were to have teachings of the characteristics of the Holy Spirit. However right in the middle of the opening prayer, the presence of the Lord fell so heavily upon the room that many of us fell to the ground. It was genuine, none of the pushing people over stuff. When Stefan prayed for me I just felt such a pressure on me coming from above that I couldnt stand. I just layed there on the floor. I laughed and cried as I interceeded for people. It was totally not a part of the curriculum...

Then as the week continued Stefan shared with us story after story about how people had been led by the Holy Spirit to do certain things and the results were incredible. People ended up with last minute plane tickets, people let go of their most prized posessions and ended up with bigger and better things in return. It really showed me how much God honors those who seek to be in His will and listen to His guidance. So after this teaching Stefan left us with a task. We had the rest of the day to pray about what God wanted us to give, to someone else in the DTS. We all own stuff, but it was a way to shift things around so they were with the people God wanted them. The night of giving was incredible. The things that were given were so sentimental and there were many many tears. I myself was blessed beyond belief. I recieved a shirt, a ring, and apple, perfume, and an amazing camera. I desire so much to learn about photography and Jen gave me the most incredible 35mm camera that is to die for. The most amazing part was that she didnt even know that I love working with old cameras. wow, what a blessing. We cried for a really long time. :)

And that was only halfway through the week. On thursday night we were invited to join the night school. Man oh man the Holy Spirit sure did a whole lot that night. It began with a bunch of us girls laughing uncontrollably. we laughed together and could not stop. And then we began singing and praying in tongues. It was insane because the moment I tried to say something to someone, I could only speak in tongues. I could no longer speak English. So I just began to pray for people all around the room. As I began to pray for a woman from the night school in tongues, all the sudden she looks up at me and says, do you speak portuguese? I shook my head no. She told me then that I had been praying for her in perfect portuguese. For about 5 minutes i could only speak in portuguese. And after that I began speaking in French. We all have to admit that only God could do such things. It was an incredible evening that I will never forget. I have never felt so close to God in all my life. And im never going to let that feeling go....


paulmerriam said...

I am SO EXTREMELY GLAD I "happened" to read this blog tonight!

Katie, I BLESS the LORD who MADE you, and I REJOICE UNCONTROLLABLY at what HE-HE-HE is doing in you as you re-submit your life to HIM.

THANK YOU LORD JESUS for your faithfulness to show your presence to your Servants as they seek you in Truth!
May the fire within my Sister Katie burn away the dross of doubt and complacency--not just for her, but may it's holy heat be a purifying contagion for ALL who see and hear what You are doing in the life of one SOLD OUT to YOU in HOLINESS!

Thank you LORD for touching ME tonight through your Servant Katie. I AM REFRESHED!!!

All love in Jesus Christ who loves us best.

Uncle Paul
x o x o x o

Jerry said...

Katie - Your excitement excites me - to see you grow up from a little girl to a young woman of God. Never let these memories fade, but never stop creating new memories of the lifetime adventure Jesus is taking you on. "Fixing your eyes on Jesus, the author and the finisher of your faith." Praying for you regularly Katie, JerryH (jhelmen@gmail.com)